About Us


We are introducing the exclusive clothes for You and Your family, which are based on originality, comfort and quality. For those who appreciate the naturalness, we want to emphasize- here reigns the linen. This is a natural product that does not cause allergic reactions. Clothes, made ​​of linen, are beneficial to our skin because they allow our skin to breathe easily and vice versa; cool the body on a hot day. When creating linen garments, we do not forget other natural fiber fabrics- cotton, wool and other materials. The clothes are handracted and made with diligence, more so – with love and pride.

Great attention is paid to details. Probably this is the reason why they are unique … We offer not only genuine, hand-embroidered christening clothes, but also comfortable and stylish clothes for leisure. We are trying to create what is beautiful, special and unique, and what attracts the eye and the heart.  Something that gratifies not only us, but the most important – YOU! So far, we are small, but energetic and interesting and we want to grow … grow with you … Help us surprise You! And do not forget that all this is produced in Lithuania!